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My editing style ...

Each image can take anywhere between 15 - 45 minutes to touch up depending on the shoot. Each image is shaped little by little until the final masterpiece shines through. 

Fully editing a photo includes color correction, exposure correction, removing distracting elements, cleaning up the face, brightening up the eyes, adding digital makeup, sharpening and highlighting the hair, sharpening and defining the eyelashes, slimming down distorted parts of the body due to camera lens or angle, fixing group shots where not all eyes are open, removing bags from under eyes, erasing scratches or cuts, and much more!


Detail Editing Timelapses

Here are a few timelapse videos to give you an idea of what my editing is like.



Image before

My editing style emphasizes colors, contrast, and texture. 

When editing, I make sure each image is an appealing pop to it. There's a fine line between over-saturation and adding a pop to an image. I make sure that each image remains tasteful, yet exciting.


Image before

My editing style correctly exposes each image. 

When editing, I try to make sure the highlights aren't overexposed and the shadows aren't too dark. This creates an effect that looks almost like HDR at times. 

I shoot in RAW mode, which helps me capture the most detail in every shot. Editing in RAW allows me to have a greater dynamic range while editing. Which means I can get the best of bright and dark images.

In order to not underexpose the subjects I had to use a combination of external flash and a reflector to properly light to the subjects. 

Image before

My editing style removes distracting elements. 

When editing, I make sure to carefully remove distracting elements from the image. In the case of this image, the door was taking away from the subject so I carefully removed it. 

Removing elements from an image is not a quick task, but it helps me extract the greatest value out of an image and deliver masterpieces to my clients.

In this image, I also made the belly more symmetric by rounding it out a little more. 

In this case, the client was over 5 months pregnant so touching up of the face included making her face look like her before she was pregnant. 

This image took me about 45 minutes to complete.

Editing Gif

MY EDITING STYLE focuses on the details. 

Fully touched up images receive a lot of detailed editing. When touching up the face, I make sure the eyes are the main focus. The eyes are one of the main physical characteristics that define a person. You can learn so much about a person just by looking in their eyes.  

I make sure the eyes are sharp, colorful, bright, and have proper catchlights. 

I also do detailed clean up of the face and skin by removing unwanted acne, scratches, or hair and softening up the face. 

I mute down the wrinkles and brighten up any dark bags under the eyes. 

And much more...


My Editing Style Focuses On The Client.

I am willing to work with clients on small editing details. During the planning session, I will try to understand your editing preferences. Some clients prefer having a more aggressive editing process, while others prefer a lighter approach to touching up. Don't be afraid if you are shy or concerned about certain parts of your body, address these concerns with me and you will have nothing to worry about!

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